The Tplast company was established in Kraków in 2004 under a name T-plast. At the very beginning the company was producing only mobile phone holders from plexiglass for such were the requirements of the local GSM dealers. In 2005 and 2006 we introduced ad holders, leaflet feeders, shopping bags and business card holders to our offer. This change allowed us to systematically gain new commercial contacts within other trades. In 2007 we changed the company’s name to tplast.
Moreover, we developed and introduced a new strategy focusing on optimization of the offer and making it as friendly as possible for advertising agencies, wholesale firms equipping shops and companies taking part in tenders. Year 2008 turned out to be a breakthrough for that was when plastics were introduced into our offer. At present, we can be found in 24 cities around Poland. However, we deliver our products to any destination in Poland as well as to major cities abroad.
In 2009 our offer was expanded with tractor windows and other farm vehicles, yacht windows and rear windows of cabriole cars. We are constantly introducing new solutions into our production line; are catching up with the market’s needs and listening carefully to our customer’s suggestions and expectations. Our aim is to ease access to retail amounts of plastics to our customers.
We are always happy to share our experience with others. What is more, at all times we develop new solutions aiming at expanding the way our products can be used. TPLAST Company employs experienced and qualified stuff. A stable personnel structure is composed of the board, accountancy, commercial department and physical workers. The company’s leadership belongs to young people having wide business contacts and knowledge of foreign languages.
The company employs also the disabled and it allows graduates to have internships and training. The company has a well developed marketing backup (Allegro and other auction web portals, web sites) along with communicational and logistic backups. Due to company’s successful development we invite contracting parties from all Europe to cooperation. Please get acquainted with our full offer.